An immersive experience in 2 steps

New technologies, history and entertainment come together in a unique immersive experience! Through virtual reality, you will dive right into the historical events that made Québec a city with a rich and diverse heritage.

The experience is available in French, English, Spanish and Mandarin.

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Put on your virtual reality headset and relive the key moments of the foundation of Québec City as if you were there. From the arrival of Samuel de Champlain, to the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, you will be a front-row witness to these historical events. The VR experience lasts about 40 minutes

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Immerse yourself in Québec’s history with virtual reality

Witness key events of Québec City’s foundation

Discover historic places as if you were there

Your immersive experience continues with an interactive phase that combines history and new technology. Test your knowledge and learn more about Québec City's past in a fun and entertaining way. Answer the questions and challenge your friends, in a friendly competition that will please everyone! The GO phase last approximately 20 minutes

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Test your knowledge with historical trivia games

Challenge your friends in games on a giant screen

Score points, climb the leaderboard and win the competition

Choose an avatar and customize it to your image

Explore the area and interact with the installations

Discover the history of Québec City, at your fingertips