Important notice: age restrictions and health precautions

Age restrictions 

For reasons of health and safety, the use of virtual reality headsets is strictly reserved for people aged 7 and over, even if they are accompanied by an adult.

Several restrictions also apply to visitors with particular health conditions. Please take a few minutes to read the following with special attention.

Please comply with all instructions issued by our staff regarding the proper wearing of the virtual reality headset and notify us immediately in case of discomfort.

Do not wear glasses when using an Oculus Rift helmet and empty your pockets of all sharp objects.

Health warning

If you suffer from sleep deprivation, anxiety, are under the influence of drugs or alcohol,

in case of migraines, earaches and other discomforts. These can increase your sensitivity to adverse symptoms.

People with motion sickness are also more likely to experience discomfort when using a virtual reality headset.

We recommend that pregnant women, the elderly and people with psychiatric disorders, binocular vision abnormalities, heart disease, seizure disorders or other serious diseases, as well as people with pacemakers and / or hearing aid to consult a doctor before using a virtual reality headset.

Do not use virtual reality headsets if you have symptoms of strabismus, amblyopia, or anisometropia. These symptoms can be aggravated by the use of virtual reality headsets.

Post-experience warning

Like the symptoms sometimes experienced when landing from a cruise ship, the symptoms of exposure to virtual reality may persist and amplify a few hours after use. Postoperative symptoms may include the symptoms described above, excessive drowsiness, and reduced versatility. These symptoms can increase the risk of injury when undertaking normal activities in the real world.


By experiencing a virtual reality artwork that is part of our exhibition, you confirm that you have read this notice.