School groups

Immersion Quebec brings you at the intersection of the science, history, technology and entertainment for a fun & educational rewarding experience. Whether at our center or directly at your institution, we can immerse your school groups in the history of Quebec City with our virtual reality technology. Your groups will then be invited to a friendly competition testing their address and knowledge of the Old Capital.


The “must-do” activity to get a good and unique overview on the history of Quebec City. Available in 4 langages, it is also a entertaining and effective way to upskill a second language like French, English, Spanish or mandarin.

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Educative content

With your tablet in hand, navigate through an exploration phase that combines history and new technology, and interact with the installations to learn more about Québec City's past.

Your immersive experience continues with an interactive game phase, where you can test your knowledge in a fun and entertaining way. Answer the questions and challenge your friends in games on a giant screen, in a friendly competition that will please the whole family!

The main phase of your journey through time! Put on your virtual reality headset and relive the key moments of the foundation of Québec City as if you were there. From the arrival of Samuel de Champlain, to the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, you will be a front-row witness to these historical events.

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Mobile experience

Our experience is mobile with an immersion equipment that is taking few space and can fully perform in any room with a good internet connection. Our system allow us to connect all participants to an online gaming competition in addition to the 30 minutesvirtual reality immersive historic activity .Our team of “time space coordonators” is taking care of installation and animation. Please contact us for complete details.